Blackace Records

The new Vomitor album is recorded and the cover is being made as we speak. This release will be a collaboration between BlackAce and Kneel Before the Masters Throne Records. So expect a top quality LP release. Most will know, Im not a fan of the 10,000 show bag trinkets given away with albums these days, so between the band, and the 2 labels we will find a compromise. There will be a Try Hard edition..woops Die Hard edition, other than that, details will follow.
The shop will be close for 3 weeks until Oct 9. Orders can still be placed,they will be posted out Oct 10.

21 JULY 2009
Never really gone,just nothing to release,And finished with trading.Thus almost all stock has been massively reduced in price.If you find youve been charged by the shop prorgram an exorbitant fee for postage ,write me for a correct amount.TheĀ  program has been malfunctioning of late.
Apart from these distractions, the new Vomitor album The Devils Poison is set to be recorded in June with a tentative September release. You know what to expect,and if you dont your in a for shock.Disgusting filthy metal, without the self-concious pretense and hype so afflicting some of that ilk.

22 JANUARY 2008
Shop News
I have adjusted the postage rates in the shop to calculate for STANDARD postage within Europe. This will reduce the postage costs which can be criminally high here. Those wishing to use AIRMAIL, must write to the label first.
Updated the shop so that all stock online is in fact available. Added some new albums and pic discs as well as some quality embroided and leather patches.

Bleeding the Priest – Later in the year we present the new slab of thrash filth from Australia`s inimitable Vomitor.Their anticipated 2nd attack.Something real in this circus.
Released on CD as well as Vinyl.Details to follow soon!

22 OCTOBER 2007
Some new albums added to the shop.

16 AUGUST 2007
Black Ace has recently acquired 50 copies of the much sought after,and long since believed to be sold out Razor of Occam – Pillars of Creation MLP
Born in Australia in the late 90s,the band released a demo tape ,later released as 7″ by Damnation Records(NL).Then went onto to relocate to Europe,where they recorded the now cult “Pillars of Creation” MLP.This is high precision thrash,with a vocal range tending towards the higher Black Metal end of things,tho I would`nt call this BM by any means.Origianlly pressed on 500 copies in 2002 and thought by many to be sold out,it turns out ,that there was in fact 50 unsold copies left .Its Speed Thrash,Its killer,and its fucking back for your inebriation

15 JUNE 2007
Lots of new LPs in stock.I will also in the coming days ,add to the shipping page of the shop,all the Dutch Postal so you`ll now be able to work out just how many records you can pack into the one package for the same post cost.
I have also begun work on the next BlackAce release. More news on that as it becomes more certain.

22 MAY 2007
The GOTH LPs are finally in. And they look killer!

27 FEBURARY 2007
We have now opened a new shop format,which will make everyones life easier.You can now pay automatically with Paypal or Credit card,and theres still the option to send cash in a concealed letter. Check it out under Mailorder.
We are still waiting on the GOTH artwork,so it may well be delayed until April or May.Please do not write me about this,as its beyond my control.When I have all the artwork finally sent to the pressing plant,Ill advertise on this site and by newsletter.To be added to the newsletter,write to our contact mailout address

24 JANURARY 2007
Theres been some delays in getting the artwork for the new GOTH LP.But rest assured it is still going ahead,and we hope to have it out by mid March.We also plan to have a new shop page up and running shortly,complete with instant Paypal ,credit card facilities and a new easy to use layout!